Monday, April 23, 2007

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Dan -- also known as the father of the father of the original and much heralded Planet PLG -- has, alas, left the building (and by building I mean, of course, his lovely paradise by the park, which, lest anyone forget, prompted a crazy, 2002-esque bidding war). He's headed for points north...where they have winning baseball teams. But I digress.

Dan's (and his clan's) departure does not mean that PPLG is done for: Dan has generously agreed to let the PPLG name live on, and it will do so here, at the brand-spanking new Son of Planet PLG. We're going to leave the original Planet PLG site up for reference's sake; there are also some of the most beloved PPLG links posted here, stage right.

Over the next several days, we'll be slowly dipping our toes into the wading pool of the PLG on-line universe, so check back early and often. In the meantime, suggestions, advice, thoughts, ruminations on spring, and constructive criticism is fact, we're going to need it.


Anneke McEvoy said...

Are you open to neighborhood guest-bloggers?

Tom G said...

Yes crazy bidding war to a developer. Is that like selling out?

BigG said...

Hello, and welcome!

CB said...

This looks like it's going to be a great blog. It would be great if it could be part blog and part community resource - i.e., menus, stores, etc.

Ed said...

Welcome to Cyberspace in PLG. Your first couple of posts indicate that in terms of intellect and writing style, you are head and shoulders above the crowd. This brings a great sigh of relief to those of us who have low tolerance for empty-headedness. I know I sound arrogant, but in fact, I'm just a bit irritated that Across the Park selectively edits and deletes rational, non-troll posts. I hope you establish clear grounds for inappropriate vs. appropriate blog behavior.