Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's back: the PPLG annual housetour slideshow

Carrying on a great PPLG tradition, we present to you...the 2007 Prospect-Lefferts Garden Housetour Slideshow. It's set up as a Flickr slideshow; leave comments here so everyone can read them. The absolutely gorgeous pics were taken by a fellow PLG resident Tim Sutherland, who deserves mucho kudos for getting these posted so quickly.

WEDNESDAY MORNING UPDATE: (The inimitable) Bob Marvin has his pics up as well, also handily assembled as a slideshow. Along with today's Brownstoner link, hopefully we'll get some folks talking about what they liked, what they thought, and what they'd wished they'd seen...

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CB said...

I'm the owner of 176 Lincoln Road. I'm very grateful for all the positive feedback we received from so many of the tourgoers. Frankly, we were concerned about pulling it all together (for reasons I won't go into here)!

It's quite daunting to have so many people shuffling through your home, inspecting each and every crevice. I'm sure the other tour homeowners would agree. But this year's tourgoers made the task much easier. Nearly everyone was friendly and generously complimentary. Thanks to all!

For preservationists who had concerns that our house contained no historic interior features, please note that the interior was completely destroyed in a fire more than thirty years ago. There was nothing to keep!