Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This should be interested: seven-story condo to go up on Lincoln...maybe?

According to what would qualify as unconfirmed rumor out there in the, um, straight journalism world, a seven-story luxury condo is going up next to the Lincoln Rd. entrance to the B/Q. (That's the space where a storefront is currently being gutted/going through asbestos abatement.) This, according to someone who read something on the PLG Listserve, where someone said she'd talked to one of the workers at the site.

The beauty of this rumor is, like all good rumors, it makes a certain amount of sense. After several years of whispers of imminent development, a bunch of actual projects are actually in the works. There's also talk of other action -- like, for instance, at the homestand of the former, fearless PPLG leader, which was bought (by a developer, natch) for about a 30% above asking.

Of course, that rumor that everyone in the final scene of the Sopranos had been featured in previous episodes made sense, too...and that wasn't true. There also the fact that a workman may or may not be the best source. But if this is true, it certainly augers for big changes. Anyone investing that kind of scrap is going to look for a major retail presence to anchor the ground floor. And I'll bet dollars to donuts that that would bring a whole lot more action...

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Gary of PLG said...

Does anyone know the address of the site. Permits are posted on the NYC Buildings Dept site and are viewable.