Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fresh Direct: Is it available everywhere?

At least in the 11225 zip code, anyway...

Today's Brooklyn Record has news about Fresh Direct's expanding delivery zone. I thought it was available in all of 11225, but I'm not sure how to check. Anyone out there know the answer?

(And in response to AdrianLesher, who has taken a commanding early lead as the most charming commenter on the site: yes, I'm aware that the FD site asks you to punch in your zip code to see if it serves your area. If you check, you'll also find that after entering in 11225, you're greeted with the following message: "We need more information...Please enter your street address so that we can make sure your building is in our zone." That's why I asked if anyone knew whether delivery was available in all of our fair neighborhood.)


AdrianLesher said...

The Fresh Direct site allows you to type in a zip and address to see if they deliver. It's the first thing that comes up when you try to log on (assuming there are no cookies indicating you're already a member).;jsessionid=6zGKGC0dq94PJ1P60pptcn9FTQD6SpLVPhdthpnLSh7l0G9BVj8h!309068948!-1566064615?successPage=/index.jsp

Michael said...

I don't think they want to deliver to large apt buildings. When we looked up if they would deliver to a co-op we were thinking of buying they said they would not deliver there.

Aja said...

I was able to enter the zip 11226 and sign up yesterday. It looks like the first date of delivery is May 15th. This is so exciting! No more dirty Pioneer!

AdrianLesher said...
give the street addresses of the boundaries of the neighborhood. Presumably, by entering these into the fresh direct site, you can figure out whether a particular street in the neighborhood is served. (although if what Michael says about large buildings is true, you'd have to check those buildings individually).

Planet PLG said...

Adrian, I think it's safe to say we're all well aware of the boundaries of the neighborhood. The question was whether anyone knew if the entire area can receive FD deliveries...and whether we could find this out without putting in every single address in 11225. If you'd like to continue to be a part of this forum, you're going to need to start adding something to the conversation.

AdrianLesher said...

I guess my overly blunt earlier comments sparked some hostility, to the point that I get snarky comments about me in the blog in chief. If that's going to continue, I'll stop posting.

For what it's worth, I went to the Fresh Direct site and entered the following addresses at the boundaries of the neighborhood (taken from the map I previously linked to):

69 and 275 Fenimore St.
15 and 220 Rutland Rd.
13 and 218 Midwood St.
14 and 216 Maple St.
163 and 274 Lincoln Rd.
124 and 306 Lefferts Ave.
155 and 300 Sterling Street

Fresh Direct serves each of these addresses.

Ed said...

Adrian, thanks for going out of your way to find out which buildings were served. It is much appreciated, as are your comments, even when they veer off topic. In defense of PPLG, your earlier comments about this blog came across as a tad arrogant and bossy to me, but that doesn't mean you should stop posting. Differing viewpoints make a blog live and breathe, and I'm sure PPLG appreciates that fact as well.

Here's how I see it - when you put yourself out there a little further than most, you're bound to get a strong response. I know this well, as I used to be the most notorious, non-troll commenter on "Across The Park" (a position which ultimately led a number of vocal commenters to convince the blog to begin censoring and editing my comments!) Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be in this free-speech zone.

Regarding the topic at hand - Fresh Direct - I know it to be available on Lincoln Road.