Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PLG celebrates Memorial Day weekend...with a stabbing?

It was an absolutely glorious weekend here in PLG: the wonders of Prospect Park were in full bloom, the birds seem to be luxuriating along with everyone else, and the smell of over-grilled burgers filled the air. It was a wonderful time to celebrate the beginning of summer by giving thanks, sharing time with our families, and remembering the sacrifices of the men and women overseas.

For some residents, it was also apparently a great time for a stabbing: at approximately 3:10 on Saturday morning, "a group of men surrounded a 30-year-old man and stabbed him several times" outside of 105 Winthrop St. (between Bedford and Flatbush), according to this Times article detailing a series of six attacks over the weekend.

The stabbing occurred about 40 minutes after a drive-by shooting in Crown Heights (that victim is in critical condition) and a fatal drive-by outside of Bed-Stuy's Risley Dent Towers. Fatal violence can, of course, occur anywhere -- we only need the West Village shooting spree in March to remind us of that -- although the Bed-Stuy shooting was likely, according to witnesses (according to the Times) connected to a local gang.

Did anyone happen to hear of/see anything related to the Winthrop St. stabbing? Or have any other news?

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